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Hildale, Utah (UT) Flower Delivery
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Hildale is a town in Washington County, Utah, United States. As of the 2000 census, the city population was 1,980.Approaching Hildale from the north on Highway 59Hildale is a twin town to the more well-known Colorado City, Arizona, both of which straddle the border between the states of Utah and Arizona. Hildale is the headquarters of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Many adults in the community practice polygamy. Since most government officials including the police force are FLDS members, the community is known for its prison-like atmosphere, in order to discourage any of the town's women from attempting to leave the polygamous lifestyle.[citation needed]In January of 2004, the current FLDS leader and "prophet", Warren Jeffs, expelled a group of twenty men, including the mayor, and gave their wives and children to other men. While Jeffs stated he was acting on the orders of God, the men expelled claimed they were penalized for disagreeing with Jeffs. Observers state this is the most severe split to date within the community. Jeffs was placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list and was eventually apprehended on August 28, 2006 in Las Vegas. On September 25, 2007, Jeffs was convicted of being an accomplice to rape for performing a marriage between a 14-year-old girl and her 19-year-old first cousin.Most of the property in the town is owned by the United Effort Plan, the financial arm of the FLDS.The Colorado City/Hildale, Utah area has the world's highest incidence of fumarase deficiency, an extremely rare genetic condition which causes severe mental retardation. Geneticists attribute this to the prevalence of cousin marriage between descendants of two of the town's founders, Joseph Smith Jessup and John Yates Barlow. At least half of the double community's roughly eight-thousand inhabitants are descended from one or both men.[1]

(Source: wikipedia.org)

Natural Wonders (C21-3434) A whitewash basket filled with wonderous flowers such as Iris, Asiatic lilies, daisies, yellow solidago and statice. No wonder it’s called Natural Wonders.

Stunning Beauty (C16-4839) Send this stunning beauty to your special someone for their birthday. Fragrant Stargazer lilies, lucious red roses, lavender carnations, red Peruvian lilies, purple lisianthus and purple matsumoto asters displayed in a clear glass vase.

Broken Heart (S13-4466) An all white heart easel "breaking" with red roses in a heartfelt display.

Love In Bloom (C11-4926) Gorgeously arranged in a clear glass vase lined with a ti leaf are lucious red roses, Peruvian lilies, and red and pink carnations. The perfect expression of your love.

Sweetness and Light Bouquet (C11-4868) An ultra sleek bouqet featuring Asiatic Lilies bursting like stars, hot pink Gerbera daisies, green hypericum berries and hot pink roses with exotic greens in a cylinder vase lined with Ti leaves.

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Same day hand delivered flowers to Hildale, Utah. Simple online ordering. 5 day freshness & 100% satisfaction guarantee. Order flowers fast, safe and secure. 

Flower bouquets starting at $29.99 FTD
Treasured Memories Standing Spray (S14-4467)   florist Hildale delivered Utah flowers
Treasured Memories Standing Spray (S14-4467)
Light In Your Honor (S4-4443)  florist Hildale delivered Utah flowers
Light In Your Honor (S4-4443)
$169.99 $89.99
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Peace Lily and Diffenbachia Basket (C25-2956)   florist Hildale delivered Utah flowers
Peace Lily and Diffenbachia Basket (C25-2956)
Florist Designed Bouquet (EO-6022)   florist Hildale delivered Utah flowers
Florist Designed Bouquet (EO-6022)
Bountiful Beauty Bouquet (B24-4870)   florist Hildale delivered Utah flowers
Bountiful Beauty Bouquet (B24-4870)
Morning Star Arrangement (S2-4438)   florist Hildale delivered Utah flowers
Morning Star Arrangement (S2-4438)
Sweet Splendor (C4-4791)  florist Hildale delivered Utah flowers
Sweet Splendor (C4-4791)
FTD $35.99

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